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Strategic and Operational Planning 2021-24

Your input to the House strategic and operational plans 2021-2024 is very important. During 2020 engagement with the community about the plans was interrupted by COVID.  From 1 April -31 May the House is building on its early work and is now seeking input across the Hills’ community.

Focus groups will be convened and a survey releases during April for feedback. The plans will updated  with community feedback in June  and kick started in July 2021.

Ring the House  (03) 9751 1264 or email contactus@och.org.au to register your interest.

Four Pillars for the strategic focus of the House



  • We are an agile community house, relevant to our community in a fast paced and changing world
  • We are a leading community connector, providing transition pathways and opportunities to live fulfilling lives in the community
  • We engage with our volunteers, the heartbeat of our community. We embrace their passions and expertise and invest in them and encourage the development of quality working relationships to achieve desired outcomes
  • We promote purposeful partnerships and harness the strengths of others who share our values. Together we will forge effective collaborations that increase the impact and extend the reach of our services.
  • We are innovative, sustainable and nimble in our response to community needs as they arise.


The Strategic Plan goals will be achieved over three horizons: 2021-2022; 2022-2023; 2023-2024.

Horizon 1 relates to the first year of the strategic plan.  Throughout 2021-2022 community engagement will enable reflection on achievement of 2021-2022 priorities and will inform building the approach for Horizon 2 and 3.

Our Board

  • President: Rod Cahill
  • Susan Cahill
  • Rachael McCallum
  • Judy Rainsford
  • Nicole Sims
  • Kerri Gravina
  • Soraya O’Dea
  • Ricardo Pietropaoli
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